Your Enemies Will Define You

In Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, a series of gang-fueled uprisings occur within the walls of Blackgate Prison. Batman is called in to restore order and put an end to the riot before the chaos implodes.

We took the established Arkham IP in a new handheld direction following the original tone of the games, creating a compelling atmosphere and a comic look for the cinematics.

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The Story

Set three months after the events of Arkham Originsa mysterious explosion at Blackgate Prison allows Joker, Penguin and Black Mask to each gather enough henchmen in order to take over their own section of the prison.After being informed that Blackgate has been separated into three sections: the Cell Block, the Industrial Area, and the Administration Offices, Batman goes to investigate and he quickly learns that there is more to this than your average uprising. Batman also meets Catwoman and others for the first time, and begins to forge a relationship with a young Captain Gordon.

The Adventure

As the story progresses, players will explore deep inside the bowels of this remote island penitentiary and discover what happened after the events of Batman: Arkham Origins and learn more details of the Dark Knight’s past.

Extra Content

In addition to all previous released suits, players will be able to unlock the exclusive Zero Year Batsuit skin by registering for or signing into a Warner Bros. ID (WBID) account.

Watch Trailer

We are happy to announce that concept art for Blackgate is available inside the Batman: Arkham Origins Collector’s Edition Artbook, out now!

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