Armature and Epic

Armature had the unique opportunity to become a partner studio on Epic’s newest adventure Fortnite!  We were super happy to be a part of such a great game and fun project to work on.

In Fortnite, you’ll lead the world’s remaining Heroes in the fight to save humanity and take back the world. Explore the large, destructible world where no two games are ever the same. Build huge forts, craft exotic weapons, find loot and level up your Heroes. Take on the Storm with four player online co-op or be one of the 100 players to be the last one standing in the PvP Battle Royale mode.

  • Publisher

    Epic Games

  • Platforms

    Xbox One

  • Genre

    Online CO/OP
    Open World

How we are working together

Armature has been working to implement Epic’s vast UI changes for the Early Access Beta launch, re-vamping and iterating upon alternate gameplay modes, and helping to provide a deeper Fortnite experience.

We are also honored to help design weapons and mod’s for the games current and future updates



Although all classes can build and fight, the Outlander comes with better treasure finding and resource collecting talents. With talents both increasing loot chance and harvesting time it’s a sure hit for all the hoarders to supply their team mates.


While every class can use firearms, the Soldier’s unique abilities give them an advantage over other gun-wielding classes. The Soldier’s first two upgrades – Debilitating Shot and Make It Rain – both reward accuracy by increasing damage and rate of fire for a short period of time, making it easy to quickly take down groups of slow-moving husks.


The ninja features an affinity for melee weapons, and as such, many of its skill upgrades focus on close-range combat. However, the ninja’s preferred weapon of choice isn’t the only aspect that differentiates it from the commando class, considering he’s not as beefy as Soldiers or Constructors, ninjas are incredibly deadly in certain situations thanks to their speed and abilities.


Right from the get-go, the constructor builds structures faster than the other classes, and the Pre-Planning ability makes those structures stronger as well. The B.A.S.E. ability allows constructors to place a large holographic cube in the environment; structures built inside of it cost the constructor fewer resources. These perks, along with the other bonuses in the constructor’s skill tree, make the class an easy choice if you’re looking to building something huge or complex (or both).