Well we did it, after 10 years we updated our website.  And it was not easy.  But hey, just because we did here is some free art from our friend Calum A Watt.  Looking forward to a new future.


Dead Star Pilot 1

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Here is a Dead Star background for your favorite computers–(if you want other sizes let us know).  by Mr. Thomas Pringle

Capital Ship Launching


And finally here is our new reoccurring series “Inside the studio” about what we do here at Armature.  This one focuses on the Corebot frames used in the project Recore.

“When creating the underlying structures for the Corebot frames for Recore, we wanted them to actually function like a real robot. This not only helped out the rigging and animation team, this also helps sell the Corebot’s design. This was mainly done through careful placements of pistons, ball and socket joints, single plane rotator joints, and solid metal structures. We were very careful to avoid geo crashing whenever possible. This was done by testing the Corebot’s extreme planes of motion constantly. Along with functionality, these frames also had to be lean to make room for a wide variety of collectable plate sets that would attach and fit on top of this skeleton. In the end, the frame is the only thing that was skinned and rigged, the plates were dynamically attached to joints and sitting on top.”-Dan

Corebot Rear Chasis

Corebot Legs



Corebot Chasis

Corebot Shoulder

“To go along with the structural side, the materials also had to appear real. At the time of creating these frames, Quixel’s texturing suite had come out. This helped massively in our understanding of the emerging PBR workflow and creating believable materials for Recore. We were able to keep these frames dark yet metallic, just as our vision and concepts showed. In the end, the underlying frames of the Corebots came out extremely functional and great. They could probably be made in real life if there were some extra actuators and a powerful energy source attached to them.” -Dan

Chasis Texture Sheet

In future posts we’ll go through the development of Recore, the challenge the team overcome and publish articles highlighting our process, our people and what it takes to get it done.  Feel free to share this post or write to us with feedback for what you would like to see in the future, we will have many more posts to come.

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