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Continue your quest for ultimate survival and unlock a whole new chapter in the saga of ARK: Survival Evolved with the ARK: Genesis Season Pass! This Season Pass gives you access to two new huge expansion packs, and one exclusive in-game robotic AI companion called ‘HLN-A’.

In ARK: Genesis, further the ARK storyline while adventuring through exotic new worlds with all-new mission-based gameplay. Discover, utilize and master new creatures, new craftable items, weapons, and structures unlike anything you have seen yet!

  • Publisher

    Studio Wildcard

  • Platforms

    XBox One

  • Genre


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Behind the Scenes

Armature Studio partnered with Studio Wildcard for the XBOX One and PS4 release of Genesis: Part One, a massive and incredible new DLC map. Armature also supported Wildcard in simultaneous live game patches and events on both consoles. As part of their partnership, Armature worked closely with Wildcard in their customized Unreal 4 engine to ensure visual quality, performance, and the best possible console experience.


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