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Dead Star is a PvP multiplayer space combat shooter with a fast-paced arcade feel. Choose between 15 different ships, each with a unique set of abilities, as you battle the opposing team in procedurally generated regions of space. Your combat skills and teamwork in 10 vs 10 player objective-based matches will determine whether you die in a blast of laser fire or gain infamy as the galaxy’s greatest pilot.

Earn rewards for your success in battle, ranging from cosmetic items such as ship paint styles and pilot portraits, to new technologies that can be used to permanently upgrade your ships’ abilities. Prove your worth and you may even gain access to one of the lost Capital Ships, allowing you and your crew to invade a series of live player matches with unprecedented firepower as you attempt to escape the Dead Star once and for all.

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    Space Combat

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Behind the Scenes

Inspired by the memories of a thousand late nights playing old-school space combat games like Subspace, Netrek and Star Control, Dead Star was a passion project for Armature Studio. The small team behind Dead Star was focused on making a game that mixed elements from those classic games with modern day design features. The end product brought together arcade-style, rapidfire twin stick controls, objective-based strategic game goals, procedurally generated battlegrounds with unique visuals, interactive objectives, and map-modifying events, and an in-game upgrade system allowing a wide variety of playstyles to develop on the fly, similar to modern MOBAs

On top of that core gameplay, Armature Studio added a one-of-a-kind metagame, inspired by Battlestar Galactica’s episode “33”. In this “Escape Run” mode, a small crew of players run escort for a massive Capital Ship as it leaps from one live ongoing match to another, creating wild and unexpected moments in the live community as matches are invaded by the massive battleship and the enemy teams are suddenly forced to band together to destroy the invading force before it leaps to safety.


Dead Star - Mining Station
Dead Star - Plasma Trail Asteroid
Hangar - Kurg - Scout - Stinger
Dead Star - Capital Ship Run - Comet Storm
Dead Star - Base Beams
Dead Star - Fiery Nebula
Dead Star - Frigate Beams
Dead Star - Home Base Assault