Sports Scramble News and Updates

  • August 5th, 2019

    Sports Scramble Quest Update


    Hey Scramblers!


    A new update to Sports Scramble has been released featuring language support for French, Spanish, German, Japanese and Korean. As well, Quest players will now be ready to compete against PC players in Cross Play multiplayer when the Rift version launches on August 8th.


    Please find a list of feature changes below that will appear in the new Quest update:

    Feature Updates:


    • Cross Play Support – Play against opponents on Oculus Quest, Oculus RIFT or Oculus RIFT S
    • Cross Buy Support  – If you’ve already purchased Sports Scramble for the Oculus Quest, you already own it on Rift.
    • Multi-Language Support – Sports Scramble can now be experienced in the following languages
      • French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Korean.
    • Quality of life and Bug Fixes as well as General Stability improvement.

  • July 2nd, 2019

    Sports Scramble Update Is Now Live!


    Please See the Patch notes below in the June 14th Entry for details.

  • June 14th, 2019

    Sports Scramble Update Incoming!


    Hey Scramblers!


    First of all, thanks so much for checking out Sports Scramble as well as taking the time to give us your valuable feedback. We hear you, and are currently hard at work on an update that addresses the critical issues impacting your experience. This includes things like: faster load times, the ability to get in and start playing faster, and general game stability. While we do not have an exact date for this update, let’s just say it’s coming ‘very soon’.


    Please find a comprehensive list of feature changes and bug fixes below that will appear in the next update:

    Feature Updates:


    • Significantly reduced load times.
    • Fixed game crashes and random restarting.
    • Added an option for ‘Quick Start’ that bypasses intro and tip of the day.
    • Added an option to skip the announcer in challenges already completed once.
    • Increased multiplayer stability.


    Bug Fixes:


    • Fixed an issue which could cause the Oculus operating system to reclaim memory being used by Sports Scramble.
    • Fixed several cases where crashes could occur in multiplayer matches.
    • Fixed several cases where a crash could occur while waiting to find an opponent in multiplayer.
    • Reduced memory usage, this should prevent cases where the application would restart itself.
    • Fixed an issue where users potentially could get stuck at the “Checking for Players” screen.
    • Fixed an issue where hitting the top of the wall in baseball could prevent the game from continuing.
    • Fixed an issue where hitting a grand slam at the end of a game would not award the correct number of points.
    • Fixed several cases where scramble targets and visual effects could appear in places they were not intended.
    • Fixed an issue where the results screen menus could show up in places they were not intended.
    • Fixed several trophy descriptions in the “Hall of Champions”.
    • Various text adjustments and fixes.


Encountered an issue with Sports Scramble? Please let us know!