Our History

Armature Studio is located in Austin, Texas and was founded in 2008 by key developers of the acclaimed Metroid Prime franchise. We’ve had the honor of working on some of the most legendary game franchises, such as Borderlands, Batman, Metal Gear Solid, and Fortnite, and partnered with some of the industry’s biggest publishers and developers including: Epic Games, WBIE, Microsoft, Sony, Riot Games, Oculus Studios, Adult Swim Games, Sega, and Konami. Armature is also well respected for developing our own original IPs, such as ReCore and Dead Star and VR favorites Fail Factory! and Sports Scramble.  At our core, we’re all gamers – passionate about playing and making great games and focused on crafting unique and inclusive experiences. Whether it be our own project, or paired with publishers and development partners, the goal for Armature has always been to create compelling, high end gaming experiences.

Studio Leadership

Todd Keller
Founder / Director

I started at the company I grew up with, Atari. I was lucky enough to learn from pioneers of the gaming industry and built upon that experience becoming an Art Director on the acclaimed series of games for Nintendo, Metroid Prime. Working creatively in order to achieve the highest quality has always been my goal.

Mark Pacini
Founder / Director

After working in Industrial Design, I used what I learned and entered the game industry in 1998. After working at Acclaim on the popular Turok franchise I joined Retro Studios and became Lead Designer on the Metroid Prime series of games. We founded Armature to realize our creative vision and create hand-crafted custom experiences for players.

Jon Zamkoff
VP Business Development

A lifelong passionate gamer, I joined Treyarch right out of college (back in 2000) as one of their first forty employees. After five incredible years at Treyarch I moved to Pandemic Studios where I was the Executive Producer on Mercenaries 2. Leaving Pandemic in 2008, I branched out into business development for a variety of gaming and interactive companies. Desiring a return to internal development I joined Armature in 2015 as an Executive Producer. I now oversee partner relationships and business development for the studio.

Greg John
VP and General Manager

I was Employee #14 at Treyarch in 1998 and during my time there I led the Spider-Man movie projects. I found my way to Austin in 2011 and eventually joined Armature to lead projects, and I now oversee the general management of the studio.

The Armature Team

The team at Armature is comprise of industry veterans and passionate gamers, who have worked on major titles such as Metroid Prime, Call of Duty, Mario Kart, Donkey Kong Country, Darksiders, The Elder Scrolls, the Madden NFL series, the Spider-Man movie games, Star Wars: The Old Republic and many, many more. We are proud of what we’ve accomplished in our careers and as a studio, and are always ready to take on the next challenge. Everyone may have their own specialty or area of expertise, but being a game industry veteran doesn’t mean you stop learning. At Armature, you learn from the best! Knowledge is shared freely, research is encouraged, and growth happens naturally within our small collaborative project teams. Knowledge, pride, respect and camaraderie are the foundations of the Armature team.

Our Culture

Armature offers a relaxed, creative environment, where everyone’s voice is heard. We have serious standards but that doesn’t mean we can’t be playful while we’re working. We are a company that gives our team, armed with a wide variety of specialist skills, the creative freedom to exercise their talents. Armature is filled with developers who are excited by the prospect of creating new and innovative forms of entertainment. Our studio is committed to ensuring the passion within each individual creator is kept alive by honing one’s expertise and attempting to push one’s own limits.