Armature Studio is a creative studio dedicated to strong collaboration, capitalizing on our technical expertise and creative vision.

We have a two-fold goal of developing innovative, original adventures for the player and giving many of the best games a new home on consoles.

The Awesome Team

Our staff includes key members from numerous industry-leading franchises including Metroid Prime, Call of Duty, Mario Kart, Donkey Kong Country, Darksiders, The Elder Scrolls, the Madden NFL series, the Spider-Man movie games, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and more.

The Office

We are located in the beautiful hill country of Austin, Texas, about 10 miles from Downtown. Austin ranks highly in “Best City for Relocating Families”, “Best Cities for Singles”, and “Best Place for Business and Careers”. It’s the “Live Music Capital of the World”. Come join the most inventive, creative, weird, rockin’, educated, and fit citizens in the U.S.


We tailor our services to each and every brand, with an aim towards achieving the best possible quality every time. Our versatile skills allow us to cover ground in every type of production, from the smallest projects to the largest. Our goal is always quality and the right fit for the project.


We offer a full team of designers with the expertise to conquer any creative problem. Our team has worked on some of the biggest games in the industry, together they form a unique group of individuals with great ideas!

Engineering/UE4/Custom Work

Veterans and up and coming programmers from every field work to make our games run smooth on all platforms. We tackle hard problems in any engine, custom or otherwise and deliver content beyond spec.


We have the vision to develop interesting and unique IP rich in character development, story and the overall atmosphere. The team has garnered multiple accolades and mentions through decades of work experience.

Featured Game - Fail Factory!

Immerse yourself in a whimsical robot factory while climbing your way up the corporate ladder from lowly intern to esteemed star employee. On the Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus.

Recent Work

Armature Studio has worked on numerous blockbuster video game franchises

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